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  • Electronic Arts

    Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts (EA) has become one of the largest developers and distributors of video games in the world. With thousands of highly skilled designers and engineers, EA has sculpted new paths in the gaming industry with high definition graphics, sound effects and …

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  • Jocelyn Daoust

    Entering into the Montreal Ubisoft building, Lead Mixing and Recording Engineer, Jocelyn Daoust steps into the brick wall lobby to greet the McDSP team. Our tour began with a look into their multiple dialog editing rooms, 5.1 sound effects editing room, foley room, and finally …

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  • Simon Pressey

    Getting a sneak peak at Mass Effect II™ felt like being engulfed in a surround sound movie, not a video game. The shooting, the running, the explosions and the graphics came to life right before the eyes. Who’s to thank for such amazing cinematics? BioWare’s …

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  • Tom Ozanich

    Golden Reel and Emmy Award winner, Tom Ozanich has made McDSP his plug-ins of choice based on their stand out factors of reliability and sonic quality. Located in the heart of the film industry, Hollywood, California, Ozanich has had the opportunity to work with dozens …

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  • John Kerns

    With a passion for music at a young age, Front of House Engineer, John Kerns, has made his way from a band member in his youth, to the studio recording albums and jingles and now onto the live sound stage mixing FOH. Currently on tour …

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