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6030 – Ultimate This!

The 6030 Ultimate Compressor offers no less than 10 unique compressors from the company that has been doing analog modeling longer than anyone. Built from the ground up, the 6030 adds new sonic capabilities, stunning new interfaces, and quality only McDSP can deliver.

Short of a demo of the actual plug-in, here’s an overview of the compressors included in the 6030 Ultimate Compressor from a very biased source – me!

For Starters

Here at McDSP we’re mighty proud of our products (FilterBank and CompressorBank for example) and how they can emulate a variety of analog outboard gear by offering unique controls (Peak, Slope, Dip, BITE, Knee for example). You might say McDSP put the ‘M’ in modeling. The 6030 Ultimate Compressor is meant to drive that point home, and then some.

With the 6030 Ultimate Compressor, we’ve taken some revered classics and customized them to our own liking. Heck we think they’re better. Along the way we created original designs that were too gosh darn good to keep to ourselves. The result is TEN awesome compressors in ONE plug-in! Now some folks might get all shook up in the jimmies when we say we’ve altered some holy grail vintage outboard gear – but being creative is about taking chances, not re-hashing what has already been done before. So rock out and read on.


In 2000, a generous (and very trusting) Nashville-based engineer named Jeff Balding offered McDSP the opportunity to ‘borrow’ his Fairchild 670 compressor to see how it could be modeled. Some of this effort turned into presets for the CompressorBank plug-in, as well as a mode in the CompressorBank CB4 plug-in. But there was always more that could have been done, and now it has. A new set of attack ballistics was created to accommodate modern production styles, the ‘warmth’ factor was tweaked, and the U670 was born.

Moo Tube

An all tube design emulation, with some unique twists. Mid range sensitivity, attack and recovery time ranges, and output frequency response characteristics were all re-worked by McDSP engineering. And we like the cow factor.


The iComp may not operate on your iPad (yet), but this all-original McDSP design sounds great, in our completely biased opinion. Attack and release times are not adjustable, but are instead automatically updated based on user selected threshold and ratio control values. Good on songs headed to iTunes.


Not just another electro-optical attenuation circuit emulation – these Opto models use McDSP designed key signal circuits for an improved (watch out for jimmies) response from the originals. The Opto models also use a different release characteristic, because we like to tweak!


Based on a more ‘traditional’ design, the British-C model offers the standard compressor control set – threshold, ratio, attack, and recovery. McDSP added internal smarts to prevent unwanted distortion, even at extreme compression settings, not unlike other high-end analog compressors from this part of the world.

Over EZ

The Over EZ module incorporates a smooth knee response with a flexible control configuration, making it useful in a variety of situations.


It may not get you from San Francisco to London within 6 hours, but this compressor has some super sonic transporting capabilities of its own. The SST’76 is a fast reactive design that sounds great on drums and other percussive sources. The solid-state (SST) circuit model uses a McDSP designed key circuit to boot.


Referred to as ‘The Frog’ by McDSP staff, the FRG444 uses a moderately aggressive compression design for a more, well, aggressive kind of sound. The FRG444 will not give you warts either. But goose bumps possibly, especially on big rock drum kits.


The D357 is the most aggressive compressor in the 6030 collection. An LED style gain reduction meter is used to display the rapid dynamic range control changes the D357 is capable of enacting on unsuspecting audio. Use with caution!

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