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  • E670 Crop

    The 6020 Ultimate Equalizer

    The 6020 Ultimate Equalizer draws from hard to find, boutique gear, and McDSP’s own design experience, to create ten unique modules. Each 6020 equalizer is designed to complement the similarly styled compressor in the 6030 Ultimate Compressor. In this edition of Colin’s Corner, we review …

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  • AE400 Square

    Activate Your EQ

    The AE400 Active Equalizer is a significant advancement in the field of active equalization. Completely overlapping bands, positive and negative active gains, separate fixed equalizer gains, independent key filtering, side chain input option, active equalization threshold, ratio, attack and release controls per band, band control …

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  • FB AAX Shot

    Can You Spell AAX?

    The new McDSP AAX plug-ins are a complete re-write from the ground up of our entire plug-in line. They also represent some major improvements in the field of software based pro audio plug-ins, in my completely biased opinion. Just exactly what are those major improvements? …

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  • IPad EQ Shot

    A Better Audio Player

    Most of us high and mighty audio people know the average music player is not doing a lot for us these days. Mobile devices are a primary source of music consumption, and they pose a challenge for anyone mixing music. So why not make an …

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  • Futz Full E1381435377288

    FutzBox – Not Just Lo-Fi Effects

    The McDSP FutzBox plug-in is a set of audio processing tools for creating distorted, low-fidelity versions of audio signals. But more than just sonic destruction, FutzBox can mimic the audio signal ‘quality’ found in commonly used devices such as radios, telephones, walkie-talkies and much more. …

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