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FilterBank, McDSP’s first product, is an equalizer plug-in that rivals any analog EQ with its flexible design and substantial feature collection. FilterBank can emulate any EQ, or be used to create a distinct custom EQ. FilterBank is three plug-ins:

  • E606 – parametric, high and low shelving EQ, high and low pass filters
  • F202 – steep high and low pass filtering with resonant Q control
  • P606 – parametric EQ with variable Q modes

Since it’s debut in 1998, FilterBank has become a legend within the audio community.  With its unique Peak, Slope, Dip controls and variable Q modes FilterBank can emulate any EQ, or be used to create a distinct custom EQ. For more information, check out the Colin’s Corner article about this product.


  • Shelving and Parametric EQ
  • High and Low pass filters with resonance control
  • Unique Peak-Slope-Dip Shelving EQ parameters
  • Variable parametric Q modes
  • Analog Saturation Modeling
  • Double Precision Processing
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Mono and Stereo versions
HD v6: AAX DSP/Native, AU, VST
Native v6: AAX Native, AU, VST

  • FilterBank E670

    Sound On Sound

    “…Peak and Dip controls enable you to produce EQ curves with ‘character’, and give the potential to model a wide range of classic hardware EQ units.

  • Gearevu

    The most flexible, best sounding pack of EQs I ever had my hands on.

  • FilterBank E670

    Colin’s Corner

    Founder of McDSP talks about product design, implementation and all of the nitty gritty features in each product. Learn to be a power user of FilterBank by reading the article here.

  • AAX Optimized

    Every v6 plug-in has been AAX Optimized to take advantage of the new Pro Tools specification. Learn what that means for you and your audio.

  • Andrew Scheps (Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele)

    The F2 just makes perfect sense to me.”

  • FilterBank E670

    Pairs Well With…

    CompressorBank is an equally versatile plug-in that is a great companion to FilterBank.

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    Whether it’s the Classic Pack, Emerald, or Everything Pack, save more money when you buy a bundle!