6020 Ultimate EQ
The 6020 Ultimate EQ is a collection of ten equalizer models using the popular module format leveraging McDSP’s two decades of design experience.

All 6020 Ultimate EQ modules are designed by McDSP, drawing on inspiration from classic and modern equalizers over the last four decades. Each module is easy to operate, and yet has enough sophistication for the most discerning professional.

Whatever your style, from smooth tube emulations to aggressive solid-state designs, the 6020 Ultimate EQ has a custom-made equalizer module that is just right for you.

  • 10 EQ modules in a single interface

  • Input and output control

  • Analog Saturation Modeling

  • Double precision processing

  • Ultra Low Latency

  • Mono and stereo versions
  • HD v6: AAX DSP/Native, AU, VST3
  • Native v6: AAX Native, AU, VST3
The 6020 Ultimate EQ modules best suited for vocal and dialog applications include the E300/301, British E, Moo Q and EZ Q. The high pass filter of the EZ Q (and also the British E module) is great for removing vocal plosives, and all these modules have good frequency ranges to fine tune the typical vocal performance.
The EQ’76, FRE EEE and E 357 modules are great for drums, like their compressor modules counterparts. These modules’ four-band configurations are flexible enough to deal with the whole drum kit, or one instrument at a time.
Keys, Etc.
Any of the 6020 modules are good for keyboards, guitar, and other instruments, but the E300/301 modules balance the flexibility of a modern equalizer with the restrictions of a more classic design. In short, its hard to screw up a track with the E300/301 modules.
"Super easy to use and each equalizer has a very distinct tone and character. A wanna have bundle if you're looking for a lot of EQ sound options!"
Tom Holkenborg
Tomb Raider, Deadpool, The Dark Night Rises, Megamind
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The 6020 Ultimate EQ is also included in the Everything Pack
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