6034 Ultimate Multi-Band
The 6034 Ultimate Multi-band is a flexible multi-band dynamics processor.

It offers all the award winning compression, expansion, and gating modules from the highly acclaimed 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip plug-in, in a four band crossover network.

Just like the 6050 modules, the 6034 Ultimate Multi-band modules can be swapped on the fly for quick auditioning while retaining relative settings. The crossover filter slopes can be configured as 6, 12, or 24 dB/Oct. Metering includes gain reduction and output levels on all crossover bands, as well as main input and output levels.

  • All compression, expansion, and gate modules from the award winning 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip plug-in

  • Configurable four-band crossover with multiple filter slope options

  • On the fly module auditioning

  • Input and output control

  • Analog Saturation Modeling

  • Double precision processing

  • Ultra low latency

  • Mono and stereo versions
  • HD v6: AAX DSP/Native, AU, VST3

  • Native v6: AAX Native, AU, VST3
Multi-band Expansion
The 6034 is not just a Multi-band compressor. The expanders included with it are useful for mix adjustments as well. Using the FRGX module, each band can apply downward or upwards expansion. The downwards expansion can reduce some room tone, or just bring a different dynamic (pun intended) to the band. Upwards expansion can allow a give band to jump out a bit more in the mix, but only when strong signal levels are not present.
One of the most common instruments or mix sub groups for Multi-band compression is the drum mix. Get the kick drum on the lowest band, mix up the snare and toms with the two middle bands, and deal with cymbals in the highest band. There are certainly other ways to combine drum kit elements using a four-band crossover like the one in the 6034, and experimentation is encouraged.
The human voice is of the most difficult ‘instruments’ to mix, and often a multi- band processor is used to control plosives, sibilance, and body of the singer. The 6034 has the unique ability to let the user swap (on the fly!) a wide variety of compression and expansion modules in the search of the perfect sound. The various slopes available form the crossover filters (6, 12, and 24 dB/Oct) can also be useful in locating just the right crossover points when mixing the vocal.
"The 6034 Multi-Band gives me the opportunity to manage the energy of any track or mix in a very transparent yet creative way. This is a unique tool for sculpting sounds."
Josue Catalan
Producer / Mix Engineer
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The 6034 Ultimate Multi-band is also included in the Everything Pack
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