EC-300 Echo Collection
Magnetic, Digital and Analog Delays
The EC-300 Echo Collection brings the sound of dozens of echo and chorus effects into a single plug-in.

The three delay types - Magnetic, Digital, and Analog - come with a generous collection of user controls, plenty of character modes, highly stylized visual feedback, and McDSP’s nearly two decades of gear modeling experience

Each EC-300 delay type comes with additional character modes to create new and unique sounds.

Other delay features include adjustable saturation, wow and flutter, delay output ducking, in-loop filtering and EQ, and level control at the input and output stages. The EC-300 can operate in single, dual, and ping-pong modes, and delay time can be synced to session playback or to a tapped tempo.

Three delay types - Magnetic, Digital, and Analog
Wide variety of character modes per delay type
Saturation, Wow, Flutter, Ducking, and other delay features
Single, dual, and ping-pong delay operation
Tap tempo and session sync
Double precision processing
Mono, stereo, and mono-to-stereo versions
HD v6: AAX DSP/Native, AU, VST
Native v6: AAX Native, AU, VST