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Ray DiLeo

Independent Recording Engineer, Producer and Mixer, Rae DiLeo has been in the music industry for well over a decade. Working as an independent engineer, he has earned multiple Platinum/Gold records and even won a Grammy, some of his credits include the X-Files movie soundtrack and several music groups including Filter and Veruca Salt, Army Of Anyone and Henry Rollins. DiLeo has been able to apply his many talents within numerous genres including music, film and gaming. Recently as part of Iron Mountain Film and Sound, he has included in his credits mixing over 30 tracks for Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, as well as the Pepsi Commercial (The Who-My Generation).

“I started at Berklee College of Music as a Music Composition major, then switched to Audio Production. After school I started engineering at a local studio, bringing in a lot of punk bands from the local scene in Boston and worked on building my skills.” DiLeo began adding McDSP plug-ins to his audio toolbox in 2001 after finding them balanced, user friendly and sonically powerful.

“My go-to plug-in is the MC2000, which I use on my stereo drum buss to define the drums a bit more and add overall punch. I’ll usually send my kick and snare to one buss and the rest of my drums to a stereo buss. On each of these busses I put the MC2000. I start with one of my favorite presets then start with various compression settings to achieve an overall balanced top and bottom end. I also love that the instrument has the impression of being pushed forward in the monitors.” McDSP’s classic TEC Award nominated MC2000 plug-in provides a two, three, and four-band compressor, giving the user complete control over dynamic compression.

In addition to the MC2000 multi-band compressor, DiLeo finds McDSP’s newer Retro Pack line, also a TEC Award nominee, to add just the edge his mixes need. “I love the 4040 Retro Limiter across background vocals. It makes them sit nicely above the guitars and when used across a stereo background vocal buss, I find it really smoothes out the vocals and allows them to sit nicely in my track. I also especially like the 4020 Retro EQ on a guitar that may be a bit dull. It adds some nice grit and brings the guitar to life with a bit more edge.”

With the ability to quickly dial in great sounding fixes and effects with McDSP, DiLeo repeatedly finds himself grabbing for the green plug-ins over many other competitors. “Great plug-ins to me are something that closely mirror my favorite analog pieces of gear. I find this is true especially with the new Retro Plug-ins and FilterBank; they very much have an analog feel. With FilterBank, the power of all the parameters is truly remarkable, as I sweep through the filters the punch I achieve in my EQ curves is incredible, it’s the closest I’ve heard to an analog EQ off a big console. But there are also several other reasons why I recommend McDSP as well. The designs and user-friendly UI’s are excellent, McDSP engineers create very good and usable presets, which are a good starting point for me and I like I said before, I love the power of the filters!”

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